The Marist Core: A Summary

I. Academic Foundation courses                            

  Students typically take these courses in Fall or Spring
   of freshman
year. Both courses engage with at least
   one of  the following
themes: Cultural Diversity;
ature & the Environment; Civic Engagement;
   and Quantitative Reasoning.

II. Distribution courses

  Breadth Requirements: 1 course in each area

 Pathway Requirement : 4 courses engaging with an interdisciplinary topic    


   Breadth and Pathway courses may overlap, but students   
complete a total of 36 distribution credits in order to
Students who have completed Breadth and
requirements in fewer than 36 credits can reach
   the threshold
using any Core Breadth or Modern
   Languages course.

III. Skill requirements


IV. Capping

  • Senior-level course in the major

   This course typically addresses academic skills,
   values awareness,
and professional issues
   related to particular majors.