School/College Program

The School/College Program offers high school students the opportunity to take Marist approved courses in their high schools for Marist College credit.

Courses Offered:

Each high school has its own course offerings. These courses have been approved by the College for credit. The instructors have also been approved by Marist. Interested students should check with their high school regarding the school/college courses offered.

Requirements for School/College Students:

  • This program is available to high school juniors and seniors.
  • Students wishing to register for School/College courses must fulfill the criteria established for the course including any pre-requisite courses.
  • A minimum grade point average of 85 is required.
  • Students may register for no more than two courses each semester.


  • $100 per credit; $300 for a three-credit course.

Registration Process:

  • The registration process is done at the high school.
  • Students fill out a Marist form at the high school, usually in the school/college class. A check made out to Marist College for the appropriate fee must accompany the form.
  • The deadline for Spring 2017 registration is February 10, 2017.*
  • The deadline for Fall 2017 registration is September 15, 2017.*
  • The deadline for Spring 2018 registration is February 16, 2018.*
  • Last date to withdraw for Fall 2017 is October 30, 2017.*  
  • Last date to withdraw for Spring 2018 is March 26, 2018.*

*Applications cannot be accepted after these dates.


  • Students will receive a grade from their instructor who will submit it to Marist College.
  • Transcripts of school/college courses may be requested from Marist's Registrar. This can be done by accessing the Marist web page and clicking the Registrar's site.