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Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) Grants: The American Rescue Plan (ARP) provided emergency funds to institutions of higher education to assist students with their cost of attendance or emergency costs due to coronavirus. Learn more about HEERF Grants >


We know that a college education is a significant investment for many families, and we want to be sure our students receive the best value for their investment. Many of our families discover that with proper options, the cost of Marist College is within reach.

Student Satisfaction: 95% of students indicate they are satisfied with their Marist College experience (National avg. Private 56%, Public 56%). Proven Outcomes: 98% of Marist graduates are employed or attending graduate school six months after graduation (National avg. Private 92%, Public 82%). Ensuring Success: 84% of students graduate, placing Marist among the best in the nation (National avg. Private 66%, Public 60%). A Secure Future: 97% of students successfully pay off their loans, indicating our students find well-paying jobs after graduation (National avg. Private 93%, Public 90%).

a-Source:2018 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report. b-National Association of Colleges and Employers First Destinations for The College Class of 2018. c-Source: National Center for Education Statistics. 6-year graduation rate from 2011 cohort. d-Source: U.S. Department of Education. 2016 national federal student loan cohort default rate. Marist related data was compiled from the following sources: multiple online surveys, Career Services, LinkedIn, National Clearinghouse, and through formal and informal conversations with graduates from the Class of 2018. Marist provides an environment for success, however, it does not guarantee job placement or entrance/acceptance into graduate school.

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The Marist College Office of Student Financial Services is committed to providing affordability options and managing the equitable distribution of student aid funds. The office coordinates student employment both on- and off-campus, student billing, and financial literacy. We are dedicated to promoting accessibility through personalized service and integrity. 

As a Marist student, the Office of Student Financial Services will make every effort to assist you with financing the cost of your education. 




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