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Student Life

Champagnat Hall (Floors 1-5), Residential Transfer Students - Chris Humphreys, Coordinator

Image of Coordinator of Champagnat and Midrise, Christopher HumphreysContact:

Office: Champagnat 315
Campus Phone: 845-575-3789

Main Duties:

Coordinator of First Year Programs & Leadership Development
First Year Mentor for Champagnat Hall, Floors 1-5

About Chris:

Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY

Education:  B.A. Theatre – Ramapo College of New Jersey
                         M.Ed. Student Affairs (2018) – Regent University

My earliest memory of Marist is... having lunch in the dining hall during my interview session. I could imagine seeing Harry, Hermione, and Ron stuffing their faces with treacle tarts and cauldron cakes at one of the long tables.

One of my favorite movies is...Three Ninjas. Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum are like brothers to me. At one point, I knew every line, word for word. 

When I think of heroes I think of...those who put the needs of their community over themselves.

My friends would describe me as...warm-hearted, loyal, random, class clown.

If I could travel would be Japan, South Korea, Italy, Thailand, Spain, Iceland, Ireland, and Hong Kong! Up until 2016, I had never traveled outside the country. I finally took the plunge and went to London and Paris. Life-changing memories were made and I promised myself to try to leave the USA every year or so.

My biggest mentor growing up was… my father, the real life action hero.

One of the best things about college is… the camaraderie. To this day my college friends are still a huge part of my life. These are the people who will be apart of all your adult-life celebrations and experiences.

When not busy with things at Marist, I like to…perform! I love being on stage, it is food for my soul.

My message to the students of Marist is…trust the process. At the start, college can seem overwhelming, but once you learn the campus culture, things will run smoother. Your schedule will become more manageable, your mind will open up to new ways to handle challenges, and your heart will be exposed to new sensations that encourage personal growth.