Advising and Academic Services

Creating Your Schedule

This is the first time I am making my own schedule...What should I do?

The Registrar's Office creates your first semester schedule.  In subsequent semesters, you will need to work closely with your advisor to determine the most appropriate course schedule. Your advisor will assist you in understanding the Core/Professional Studies requirements and major requirements, but you should become increasingly able to satisfy your other interests by taking elective courses when appropriate. As you move through your undergraduate career, you will have a better sense of what to take and what you would like to take. Do not hesitate to discuss your interests and plans with your advisor.

It is advisable to choose a Pathway in the Core early on and to create a four year plan.  Information on both can found in the Academic Advising Planner.  Additionally, forms to help you create your four-year plan and map out your Core are available in the Advising portal.

In preparing to register for courses for any semester, it is a good idea to discuss multiple alternative courses with your advisor in case your first choice courses are filled when you attempt to register for them. Online add/drop will prompt you with a message if you are NOT allowed in the chosen class for various reasons. Thus, it is evident why a student needs alternative choices. For the most up to date information on registration, click here.