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Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics Department

Alumni Testimonials

"The Marist faculty is dedicated and supportive to the students first and foremost - a unique learning environment compared to most other schools. The relationships with faculty and fellow students I built while at Marist have lasted years beyond graduation and are a crucial part of my professional network. The knowledge and manner of learning I developed at Marist prepared me for the successful completion of my Ph.D. in Chemistry."

-- Lauren M. Jackson ('08), Process Analytical Scientist at BP

"The close mentoring offered by the professors in the Chemistry Department has led to my achievements in graduate school. The foundation the department provided has set me apart from my peers, and I am confident it will continue to do so as I advance in my career."

-- Cathy DeBlase ('11), Senior Chemist at Dow Chemical Company

"Being a Marist science student and graduate provided me with experiences that I would not have had at many other schools. As there is no graduate program, undergraduates exclusively have the opportunity to work with laboratory instrumentation on a regular basis and perform publishable research. These opportunities provided me with analytical and critical thinking skills that enabled me to succeed in graduate school and apply my scientific knowledge to business operations."

-- Jillian Lennartz ('08), Principal, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability at CA Technologies